Claudio Zuliani, announcer of “Mediaset”, commentator “7 Gold” and radio voice of “Inter Milan”, returns to talk about the process “Calciopoli” through his official facebook page:

Luciano Moggi wins another battle and is acquitted of the charges for libel against Antonelli. Obviously, this news takes a few lines in newspapers, as they are very often changing the truth. It is time to say enough – writes Zuliani -.

At the trial in Naples the lawyer for Juventus has completely dismantled the castle and accusing of the prosecutor and proved Juve innocent, then if the judge condemns Moggi, Juventus recalled that she had no authority to sign documents. Translated it means that we are clean. Headlines the next day: “Juve throws away Moggi“: congratulations! 

In this strange country the ‘honest’ team from Milan which lost everytime and realized that to win was to take advantage of the turnaround, taking the strongest players of Juventus as Ibrahimovic and Vieira and, after failing with the former manager of AC Milan, relying on Gasperini (Moggi school): compliments for the consistency. “ 

Finally a little dig at the great accuser, Zdenek Zeman: “Meanwhile the ‘World’s Strongest coach (his words in court) does not understand why’ he does not train in Serie A and will fight ‘the system from within. Zeman, excuse the question, but an honest man like yourself, how did you accept to be the coach of Foggia, whose owner was having trouble with the law? Meditate people …”.

adapted by Mike Prise