“A imprisonment in sporting life” this reflects the Mediaset commentator-pundit, Claudio Zuliani, on the decision of the federation to radiate from football forever Luciano Moggi, Antonio Giraudo and Innocenzo Mazzini. Zuliani has used his Facebook wall to tell his oppinion about this decision questionable to say the least:

“Let me understand this, in Italy is the first case in the world, of prison in sports life! Moggi, Giraudo and Mazzini were sentenced to 5 years by the sport federation to which they belong with the proposal of radiation – writes Mediaset journalist. The terms would expire on June 30 for the decision and no one takes responsibility of the same. Meanwhile, the reality changes, come to light, through the criminal trial of Naples, exculpatory evidence of the accused. The federal prosecutor speech as the facts come to light did not exist and asks the radiation that is received posthumously in the first instance; now the ball is in the appeal. Abete has confidence in Palazzi, a prosecutor who based his accusations on a survey carried out in 2006 in hurry and fury, as said by Borrelli said also by the judges, with no evidence of irregularities. Well, I condemn a citizen to 5 years in prison, for criminal conspiracy, meanwhile I discover that, in the same association participated all the country and, as a reward, I give him a life sentence. What a beautiful Italy! “