The world number one of bianconeri fans in the media, got back on the pages of and in exclusive answers to a lengthy interview on the training camp of Bardonecchia, on the transfermarket, the prospects of the new season of Antonio Conte and about farsopoli.

New beginning, we start from the past, Antonio Conte, first impressions.

Conte has been without doubt the top player of the training camp bianconero. The crowd went nuts for his candor, for his attention to detail of every training session and, of course, for the juventinita he breathes every corner with his return. He has history on his side and can afford to rebuke or critical dialogue with players who otherwise would not tolerate this situation.

Let’s talk of training camp: Diary of Bardonecchia, or Pardonecchia (so we read on your facebook page) what you liked best and what not?

I liked the logistics of the city that is big enough and allowed us to work calmly and with adequate space, the cool weather but not too much (except for the hail of mid-week). For the same reason, to be honest, it was more warm Pinzolo enclosing hotel, restaurants and field reference in a handkerchief and then contact with the fans was more fiery.

A few anecdotes from the withdrawal, Pepe is really the cutest?

Simone is a great showman in nature and is therefore the most likeable. The surprise could be Andrea Pirlo which appeared to be a curmudgeon, but he knows to be ironic but not too much.

Lichtsteiner, Ziegler, Pirlo, Pazienza…. new nicknames? Be careful that your “friend” Pellegatti had Tinkerbell Tinkerbell / Arachne, the weaver from the shore of Minor Asiaand Lazio they say Forrest Gump …?

The nicknames I decided to study them in August so I spent the day more useless (in my opinion) of the year. Certainly, given the advanced age, Pirlo will have a completely new one. Lichsteiner could maintain that coined by my colleague, De Angelis, I think is very apt. On Ziegler I have already a half an idea and Pazienza is inherent in the name : we need “pazienza”!

The revelation of Juventus in next season ….?

I risk a lot and go against the tide but for what I saw (a little) and especially to the news of my fellow Neapolitans, might just be Pazienza: dutiful, silent, made the so-called deck and spits blood on the pitch to win the place in the team.

We talk about the top players? Arrives in earnest or was all a hoax?

Meanwhile, we should agree on the definition of top players. Is the engagement, is for technical quality or the curriculum? Pirlo is a top player with all three characteristics, but, coming on a free, no fan thinks it and it is so wrong. I think that Juventus should meet the needs of the new coach but I realize that if you talk about two / three top players in the market before you start, you are then having to satisfy the eager crowd of the figurine. Marotta has been stuck in a difficult situation that involves both the purchase of a player who meets the public’s imagination, and the technical and tactical needs of the coach and the spending capacity of the club.

You prefer Rossi, Aguero or Tevez?

I preferred Sanchez and now I would focus on Vucinic. Players suited to the game of Conte that have technical issues to cheer up the fans and club experience (Vucinic) or national (Sanchez) that they have already faced the difficulties of world football. The problem is always that of price: until you go down to milder counsels operations remain difficult to bring to a successful conclusion.

For the midfield you would have bet on Diarra, on Vidal or who else?

Diarra could be the ideal midfielder alongside Andrea Pirlo, a “mutt” of the median. From the mental point of view has some small matter of personality too (if he rolls as young people say) and also his wage remains quite high. Vidal, at the time represents the best solution on the market by age, price tag and salary, ability to combine physical and quality.

The defense is okay like this?

The defense can fit well if protected adequately by a central defender capable of driving it almost single-handedly is missing. On the side bands with the arrival of Ziegler and Lichtsteiner Juventus is definitely improved. That is to say: if in front of defense you have Apppiah and Blasi is one thing, if Emerson and Vieira play the music changes.

Chapter sales: if you had the power to decide the future of Felipe Melo, Sissoko, Iaquinta and Amauri, what would you do?

Sell ​​them for different reasons. Melo has never managed to prove worth of the investment and remains a cross between a median and a slow game maker. Sissoko would be the right man to be the first Juventus of Ranieri. Then he lost in injuries and misunderstandings and to find him we should ask the editor of “Who has seen..”. Iaquinta, as Momo, seems haunted by a Voodoo doll and spends more time in the infirmary then in the field or training.
Amauri … I tell you what to do??

What is missing from this Juve to fight and I say really fight with the firsts?

A bit of luck at critical moments of the season, strangely, has ceased to exist since 2006. A change of management policy of the club that provides a direct line to President-DG(general director) -coach to avoid controversy splitting-group and against internal revolutions or external towards the technical guidance and, of course, at least one very strong player for the each department which the other teams have already for years.

Marotta: promoted, rejected or postponed to September?

Marotta, as the entire management of Juventus, is currently under close observation and knows that can not miss the construction of the team for next season. Juve are at a crossroads: if takes the right path will be an encouragement for growing more and more and get back to being competitive. Otherwise, the boomerang effect on the upcoming championships could become devastating.

How come not mention Farsopoli? The scudetto has not been revoked. Now what?

We must go all the way (this time) to restore the truth of a historical period of our football and give credibility to a movement that has lost it.

But your inter “friends” do not want it give it right back? But you always find around the office or any time you miss something?

They begin to understand now, with 5 years of delay, what it meant for us all improvise Juventus lawyers, judges, investigators and spend nights to read maps to find out what had really happened. The problem is that the more they try to understand the more are refusing to change their mind but at some point must come to terms because, apart from a slice of Milan, the rest of the nation has already understood.

Programs for the summer? “Juve in gol” in September …. can you tell us some previews?

At present many surprises lie in the yard but no one knows if they will be made​​. Of course there are the tales of Juventus on Premium Mediaset (Audio fan) that are the most beautiful thing THAT IS THERE……… and a constant expansion of my channels now incorporated on the web at www. I have to thank those who convinced me to enter the world of the Web (he knows) and so many bianconeri fans that infuse nme enthusiasm to continue to live with constant interaction with Juve, hoping to win something in a short time because we all deserve it.

adapted by: Mike Prise