Given the moment a little undertone of Juventus, one of his doc supporters, journalist and columnist Claudio Zuliani, through his Facebook profile, calls together the fans of the Old Lady to stand beside the men of Antonio Conte in this decisive moment : “Brothers and sisters Bianconeri, good week. It ‘s time to stay close to the team and to support more than ever because in times of need the unconditional love and endless support is needed. Too easy when we always win, then all too easy to get on the bandwagon. But do you remember where we were in the standings last season these days? ”

On the subject has also expressed Carlo Nesti: “In the whistles of the black and white people, there is the pride of one who is impatient, after 6 years of humiliation, to review a great Juve as her past – said the journalist, on -. Supporters, however, must understand that, in that wonderful stadium, close to the field, are now more crucial than in the whole history of the club. Conte can not rejoice in the mood, but one has to account, arguing with the head, and not just trying to throw the heart beyond the obstacle, that the team is performing miracles. Milan is stronger technically, but Juve is there, that can never lose, to practice, until recently, the most modern game in Italy, and being, in spirit, truly ‘JUV-exciting’. abandon it now would be ungenerous, always remembering that the first goal is to get back in the Champions ” 
adapted by: Mike Prise