Take into consideration that the comments of our Claudio Zuliani about Juventus summer transfer market and CDA were written in 22.06.2011.

From his Facebook page, the journalist Claudio Zuliani, Juventus tifoso, has reviewed the transfermarket for Juventus, trying to imagine how many players you really need, and how many are redundant:

“The CDA tomorrow will finally reveal the future plans of our favorite team by setting the times and methods of intervention in the transfer market. A mercato that has seen Juve  redeem Matri for 15.5 million euros Quagliarella for 10.5 , Pepe for 7.5 and  Motta 3.75. Of course, payable in three years, as the future  buyers will wnat to buy the many players in the team that Juventus needs to  sell.

Considering the excellent performance of the pair Matri Quagliarella who have pushed to their confirmation, the renewal of  captain Alessandro Del Piero and the possible part-time use of  Luca Toni, the new coach has a unit consisting of 4 attacking players plus two (theoretically on transfer market) Iaquinta and Amauri.
Six strikers for one game in a week.
Juventus are looking to the effect blow for the delight of fans and, despite the budget for the high scorer in the campaign (~35 doubloons), has still failed to close with any of these so called popular or top players: Neymar, Aguero, Sanchez, Tevez, Rossi …and would be 7 strikers!

In midfield we live more or less the same situation with the arrival of Pirlo for free and the Hamlet doubt that assails Conte  in his summer holidays by the sea; adding a support midfielder by  style Diarra and play with two or changing tactical module and place the team with a three midfield?
Hypothesis A: Pirlo and a midfielder like Diarra it will mean 5 midfielders for two places in a starting team (the same Andrea, Diarra, Melo, Sissoko, Marchisio).
Hypothesis B: a internal place at the expense of the attack wingers  that may be 5: Pepe, Martinez, Krasic, Ziegler, and possibly Bastos or Vucinic

The defensive phase, paradoxically, seems to sail to calmer shores with the confirmation of the system to 4 defeders (Chiellini, Bonucci, Barzagli to the center) Ziegler, De Ceglie, and probably Lichsteiner, Motta on the sidelines.
One might object that there should be bought however a international central defender and another full back , but at this point I stop.

Let’s recap: Juventus have confirmed 23 players in the team and about 7 will be covering a total of 30 players.
If you buy a top player, a midfielder, a central defender and we will arrive back at 34.
Not even a magician would be able to sell 10 without losing a ton of money.

Yesterday, two thousand people have bought season tickets for the new stadium on trust, tomorrow  Agnelli and  especially Elkann must not betray the tifosi trust.
The ownership does his allocating a substantial amount for Juventus the transfer market , Marotta proves to be the height ofthe role  skimming until now profitable operations . “

adapted by Mike Prise