The last unmissable number of ‘So Foot’, a monthly French football magazine even more intelligent than sophisticated, celebrates its first ten years of life celebrating the biggest numbers 10 in the history of football. Precisely in the days in which at Juve returns the talks about the legacy of Del Piero collected by Tevez, materialized in the number 10 jersey, we discover some revelations of Zinedine Zidane.

“In the dressing room of Juventus there was a bit of hazing – remembers Zizou -. At the time I wore brand Achile socks, short and flashy. Well, I discovered that in Italy the socks should never be short or colored. At the end of a training I found them cut into strips and glued to my locker. I was told that socks, strictly plain, were worn to mid-calf. I never wore Achile socks again. But I was also the one who cut the pasta without knowing that I committed a big mistake. They’ve cut me into pieces! Everything was just, that’s how we learn the culture of a country. ” The former bianconero number 21 – the 10 was already owned by Del Piero, but Zidane was an absolute ten – recalls his monastic life along the Po: “Every night, around 19, I was in my pajamas and I thought it is normal .This is how my life was in Turin. “

But the MOST interesting backstory is that of clandestine matches played in the street, often on the asphalt of the parking lots in Turin, unbeknownst to a certain Lady: “It is not a legend, the story that says I used to wear a fisherman’s hat to go play with immigrants, even if I did it only a couple of times. To push me was my teammate Edgar Davids. He was going there like mad, he did it very often: he took the car and when he saw someone playing in a parking lot stopped to join. He always told me, ‘It’s for them that we have to play, these are the big games.’ And I’d say, ‘Okay, but we have training sessions, we belong to a senior club, we can not risk injuring ourselves ‘. at the same time, however, I admired him, because he was able to do things like that.”

Zidane joked then on his physique not exactly of a Superman, sending back to the accusations of doping, “Deschamps told you that the coach of Juventus, Ventrone, teased me because I had no pectorals? If you see me shirtless today, there is still to laugh. I’ve never had good pectorals and I believe that it I’ll never have. However, football is not played with the pectorals. In 2006 someone spoke of doping? stupid things: I have never been doping, I was always very clear about it. And I always made ​​sure not to feed certain voices. “