Nevertheless, Zamparini, in December you were negotiating the contract renewal, until 2016.
“We agreed. And I would have also guaranteed the maximum salary that Palermo can afford. A million. ”

Twice in practice.
“Yes, but a month later he betrayed me. He lost his head. Blame the sharks that are wandering around. Already had many, but now have increased. Sharks of all kinds. Even bad educators who corrupt with god of money. Dybala has only 21 years. Too young. Made him lose all sense of reality. He is a golden boy, taken alone. I had pampered him like a son, after spending 12 million to buy him. Iachini also taught him many things. But I was disappointed. He is completely changed. I do not speak with him anymore. Impossible. He now speaks only through the sharks. ”

Can you confirm that Marotta asked for him? Then we speak also of Napoli, in Italy.
“No contact with Napoli.
Instead it is very true about Marotta. He phoned me: President, if you sell him, Juve is there. We are ready to deal. We are very interested in your boy.

And what did you say?
“I replied: Beppe, I’m glad, if I can, I will sell him to you. I would prefer it: thus Dybala would remain in Italy. But then, knowing Marotta, I immediately made it clear: do not think I would make you a discount. Remember Pastore. “

adapted by Mike an article from tuttosport