Zaza and Berardi – Future Juventus players

Pavel Nedved has confessed that Juventus does not work only for today but also for tomorrow and it is true, the Bianconeri have planned the names of those who will create the basis for new victories.

The Juventus of tomorrow, definitely will be based on the defensive help of Daniele Rugani, a young player but already mature with his 23 games in the season, one goal, 2070 minutes. A humble player, ready for the big leap and especially with great desire to learn. The right name to strengthen the Juventus defensive department and gradually take the place of those who sooner or later will leave space for new ones.

If the future in defense is of Rugani in midfield the present is of Stefano Sturaro, a player of great determination and character, as indicated by Nedved a player of the future. He will see him on the field for a few times, but the former Griffin midfielder showed his skills in the season with 15 appearances, 1 goal, among other things, in the last match played, and a total of 1193 minutes.

Finally, do not neglect the offensive jewelry. Juventus have made choices, right or wrong we shall see , but has sold Gabbiadini and Immobile to clearly point on the pair of Sassuolo formed by Zaza and Berardi. It’s up to them to show that they are ready for Juventus.

Zaza has a buy-back clause of fifteen million and scored 9 goals in 19 appearances, with two assists, a goal every 167 minutes for a total of 1,507 minutes. Berardi, instead, this year scored less, 20 presences, 6 goals but well 10 assists, a goal every 259 minutes, for a total of 1,554 minutes.

A young Juventus who plans also its future, not to mention three players as Coman, Pogba, Morata young players that are already to Turin. Juventus will start from sap green, to open new cycles, to keep on winning.

adapted by Mike an article of Massimo Pavan @ tuttojuve