When you can not win because the opponent in front plays better, then perhaps is okay even a draw. The challenge of Florence brings out some feelings: will not be a championship already won, will not be easy a championship, because there are teams fighting to the death and will be the same with Roma on Saturday. 
Championship is long, challenges follow each other. That the challenge of Florence has been difficult it says the possession, Juve won 51 to 49, but Fiorentina wins in the number of shots. Surely Fiorentina caused problems to Juventus, just like Genoa in first half at Marassi. 
There was a draw because of Montella, because just like Antonio Conte is good and prepared, we had seen last year in Catania, we have reviewed this year in Florence. A draw, would have been nice to see him on an equal footing on the bench, at the moment it is not possible, we hope to see it at the return. 
In the meantime, congratulations most of all to those who went on the pitch with sportsmanship, who have not overheated tempers. 

 source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan

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