If we would told you that we do not like Hazard we would have to lie and yesterday when he mentioned Juventus, maybe for fun, we were pleased: “Maybe Juventus.” “AC Milan and prescriti are two great teams, how do I choose? For now, however, I prefer Lille.” 

 Maybe … Hazard, a pure talent that we think would be perfect to play in the new module of Conte. A technical player, unpredictable but with prescriti we have also seen in retreat and the pursuit of Zanetti in his own half. 

 There are plenty of emails and letters from fans asking Hazard. He could be a strong signal, because the talent is not being discussed, plus the quality and even his inclusion could be gradual. Creativity, imagination, dribbling and goals, what would be suitable with a player adapted for a 4-2-4 to a 4-3-3, offensive winger or as a playmaker behind the strikers free to create.Hazard said his ambitions, similar to those of black-white fans: “I want to win the Ballon d’Or. It is my goal in life because you should always aim higher. For now, there is Messi who is an alien. So I know what I have to do to achieve it. “

 Ballon d’Or? No problem, in Turin were Baggio, Zidane and Nedved and only for unexplained reasons Del Piero , so Hazard could then be tranquil.

 We’ll wait and see, a trio Vucinic – Hazard-Matri would not be bad and if Giovinco would come back, a trio with Giovinco-Hazard-central striker would surely give a show.

 by:Massimo Pavan adapted by:Mike Prise