What every agent in the process of transfer market pull water to the mill of his clients is of course well known, but sometimes you feel real and equally  crazy ideas being said. This time it was the agent of Iaquinta, Andrea D’Amico to say the really big thing:

 “Vincenzo is very well in Turin, is a great professional and has always trained very hard. I think that Juve do not have anything to say at this point, then if he does not fit anymore in the plans of the club, Marotta will give him notice and then we will consider other hypotheses. For the moment it is premature to talk about negotiations, Juventus did not say anything. His performance? It seems to me that Juve is always gone well with Iaquintawithout Iaquinta  the performance was not so good. “

Let’s then analyze the championship just completed by Vincenzo
19 appearances and 4 goals scored and 1 missed penalty.
Average: 0.21 goals per game, not really a crazy performance.

But going further, were 8 of 19 appearances since 1 ‘minute, and only 4 those completed  to 90′.

As a consequence  the other 11 are appearances off the bench, not a first choice in fact.
Of the 4 goals scored, 3 were made ​​by coming out of  the bench.

The 4 goals were all made ​​in different games, and only 1 of them was decisive for the meeting. In addition, only once has broke the deadlock, and was always once considered, the man of the match. 

Yeah, without him who knows what  an ​​unsuccessful season we would have made , ooops ….