Yesterday was officially the Cristian Pasquato move on loan from Juventus at Lecce. Pasquato will then have the opportunity to grow further this year in Puglia as a player and professional. A season that will strengthen every point of view, possibly making him ready for Juventus in 2012 . 

The same Pasquato was happy to go to Lecce having said”I accepted with great enthusiasm the transfer in Salento. I spoke with several colleagues and they have pushed to accept the offer of Lecce. For a young person is the ideal place to grow. “There remains that Pasquato wish to improve his personal of 7 goals and 13 assists last season in B with Modena. 

In the top flight will not be easy, but Pasquato has the class and what it takes to accomplish the best possible experience to Lecce.

by:Antonio Michele Paladino 
adapted by: Mike Prise 

P.S personal oppinion, Pasquato loan is a big mistake. Time will prove I am right.