In Juve of Conte, moving in response to a 4-2-4, the midfield department is populated by three types of players:

  1. two old-style wingers, able to outcome the man and with a great running skills and stamina;
  2. a regista, who knows to alternate a short game to a long game (essential in this sense the depth provided by the first striker);
  3. a rabid mutt who can cover the back of the companion and to cover the diagonal band on the discovered side.

The current squad boasts a great regista, Andrea Pirlo, a versatile midfielder named Claudio Marchisio , and two players that the most say there are for sale : Felipe Melo and Sissoko. On the wings will be back in another article.

The Brazilian was bought for 24 million and made a little in the first year, has performed well in the second year. Of course his character is a strong limit. When Del Neri had him in hand Felipe Melo has proved a valuable ally of a Juve balanced and very tough in the middle. I remember some mind-blowing performance, perhaps all of the one against AC Milan. The growth process is in place, but rumors coming from Turin of a very un-trusted part of Antonio Conte in regard to his fluctuating personality. And Juve can not afford similar question marks.

The Malian would instead be the missing piece. Paradoxically, the easiest and most useful solution, Juve has it at home with Sissoko. But injuries of the last two years and the head elsewhere may be the two biggest obstacles. So that Sissoko is out, with a transfer market in out that is still sluggish. How could seeing the salary is the fact that Juve can not spend it anyway.            

I do not think in the pawn Vidal, a very offensive midfielder and unwilling to defense. Vidal is anything but a defensive midfielder. Nor am I convinced, completely fully, by Inler, which I consider expensive. It would be almost perfect Lass Diarra, but the player does not want come to Turin and certainly does not cost those 12 million that Juventus would like to spend on the midfielder.                                                              

I am therefore convinced that Antonio Conte will first want to touch Sissoko and Felipe Melo and only started the training camp will decide which of them to pick and will remain in the squad of Juventus, who will leave and, especially, if there will be a need to get back on the transfer market.     

In this case, what are your ideas?