Emanuele Giaccherini was born in Talla in the province of Arezzo on May 5, 1985. The ” Talla flea” took his first first steps in football that counts, in 2002, in Cesena’s youth where he remained until 2004, then, as usual in Italy, is sent in the lower categories to “gain experience”, so in the season 2004-2005 is sent on loan at Forli, where has 22 appearances scores a goal in the season, once the season ended with the red and white shirt returns to the base but not to stay there.
Giaccherini in 2005-2007 was sent on loan again to C2, this time at the Bellaria Igea Marina, during the second season the young Emanuele suffers an horrible injury that suggested even retirement from football, but the intervention of some of his fans make him change his mind, so Giaccherini career is not ended at 22 years but continues to advance in the 2007-2008 season in the ranks of Pavia, where he arrived on loan again.
In Pavia, the neojuventino starts to show his talent and thanks to his 9 goals in 27 appearances the team manages to achieve salvation even if only to playout, Cesena, noticed the talent of the winger decides to return home him for good .
In 2008, Cesena militated in C1, but still, thanks to 4 goals in 28 matches
of Giaccherini, able to rise to Serie B, the talent of the little midfielder is now evident and also in the cadet class Giaccherini manages to assert himself able to score 8 goals in 32 games played and dragging Cesena to the top division.

August 28, 2010 is a date that Emanuele will never forget, comes in fact his debut as a starter in Serie A in the 0-0 draw against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico, Giaccherini then finish the season with 36 appearances and 7 goals by inserting in to his ‘victims’ names of Milan, Inter and Palermo.
Technical Characteristics
Offensive winger, combining a fantastic ball control at a speed out of the ordinary, preference to be used on the left wing attack, with a great dribble a player can become very useful to the Bianconeri.

Physical Characteristics
We certainly can not define him as a Titan, Giaccherini is 167 cm high and 60 kg, but the physical helps to enhance his speed.

An innate ability to take over the man, characteristic that recently was lost a little of view, combined with a reasonable accuracy in football can help a lot Juventus in terms of attacking play.

Like all offensive wingers he can not certainly be considered a skilled ball-stealer, but with the help of Conte the good Giaccherini can also improve on defense.
by:Luca Tonazzini
adapted by: Mike Prise