Eljero George Rinaldo Elia was born in Voorburg, the Netherlands, February 13, 1987.
Arrives in the youth of ‘ADO Den Haag in 1996, when he was just 9 years but his love affair with football began even earlier, in the teams of kids of his hometown.
From ’96 to 2000, therefore, plays for youngsters of the yellow-green club until club until Ajax calls him.
The temptation is great and Elia does not think twice about it: he moved to the youth of the team in Amsterdam where, however, does not impress the professionals, who after a couple of years bounce him away.

In 2002 he returned to Den Haag and in 2004, just seventeen, he made his debut with the first team to take home at the end of the season, only 4 appearances accompanied by a goal.
His importance in the team increases over the years until in 2007 the Twente knocks on his door: Elia moved to Enschede, where he spent 2 years collecting 64 appearances and 11 goals.
On July 5, 2009 try the adventure with Hamburg who offered him a contract for four years and was the team owner of his card.

After a thrilling first season follows another, where he can not be confirmed among the leaders and up to now.
With the “Orange” National makes all the road from under 21 onwards, debuting with the senior national team in June 2009 when Bert van Marwijk summons him to the qualifications of the next South African world Cup of 2010.

Technical Characteristics
He is not a clasic left midfielder, is more comfortable in the role of Offensive Winger higher on the right or left side with a particular ease. He is an ambidextrous but prefers the right foot, makes the counter-attack and technique, especially in speed his most appreciable virtues .

Physical Characteristics
176 cm 70 kg, skinny and snappy. While not a giant, has a solid body that also comes out in the fighting “shoulder to shoulder” where he can almost always make a good impression.

He is a player who could come in handy for the Bianconeri, the speed of movement but also of thought: he always knows what to do, is not lost in useless play to effect, but still has an elegance and an enviable elegance.

If you think of him as a clasic left midfielder, you think wrong is, by features, not prone to cover and needs a position on the field that does not require defensive moves.

by:Luca Tonazzini
adapted by: Mike Prise