Antonio Conte and Miguel Angel Di Maria, a stroke of lightning revealed only by a little over two months, but which actually dates back more than a year ago, precisely on 30 April 2013, the day Real Madrid – Borussia Dortmund return of the semi-final Champions League.

Training in the morning for his Juventus on that day, then immediately after the lunch rush at the airport of Caselle’s in the company of Marotta, Paratici and a dear friend, a companion of the epic Lippi successes. Madrid flight scheduled at 16, a real blitz to breathe the air of Europe and see up close the real goal of the Lady of the time, or a certain Gonzalo Higuain.

“We’re going to see him up close, but you know that is a champion,” is the recurring phrase in the waiting rooms and on the way that leads the juventina troop to the Santiago Bernabeu. Meanwhile, the match starts, and Antonio Conte is more concentrated than ever, although his Juve was not playing.

But you know, the character is that. At some point here is that a counter-attack launched and the voice of Antonio Real exclaims: “My God that guy, my mother …”. All convinced it was Cristiano Ronaldo, of course. Useless, we did not know. “Did you see how fast that change of pace. Is he who makes the difference … “ is the sentence given to his former colleague.

“I had you figured out you were referring to him , do not tell me …,” is the reply. And in the meantime silence Marotta-Paratici. Going away from the Spanish capital are convinced that the desire their coach is still Higuain. So much so that in early May offer 23 million Euros to Florentino Perez, who continues to raise the bar and asks for at least 35. Then never came to an agreement, especially following the offer of 40 million of cash Naples blasting the bank.

But Juve already at that time was holding Tevez. “Better him than Higuain,” said bluntly Conte to senior management. Higuain who just the occasion in which he was seen by the technician tricampione of Italy, was rejected again. “Rather we give 25 million for Di Maria.”

At that moment they could and probably would have gone at the end of the operation in the port. Now it remains only an illusion, more of a pipe dream. Because the Argentine has been declared non-transferable and costs more than double. “He struck him from the start and has always been his real goal.” More than Cuadrado, Nani and Cerci to turn …

by: Mauro Sarrica -> juventibus.com