As we move towards the big game on Wednesday evening, after seeing them play on the J Stadium the big question in everyone head is how can you really defend and play against this kind of display? A team that attacks in 8 men on the 35m?

As highlighted by the club official website, it is very important not to set up your own game with close passes of two or three meters, which only enhances the qualities of great aggressiveness of Bayern players, instead to quickly change the game where their amplitude in the field leads them to be very exposed.

From the analysis of the Bundesliga is clear that if the opposing team is particularly submissive, the Guardiola players become impregnable (high percentage of successful passes at the Stadium, 89.3%) with continuous game changes and movements acts not to give reference points.

Aggressiveness, high pressing and fast counter-attacks could be good weapons to put them in difficulty and hit them, as these pictures show.

4 high ball recovery pogba

As you can see Pogba brings Arturo upon him, but before the contact, discharges the game on Dybala, widening it on the break. Meanwhile Mandzukic and Cuadrado, faster than his direct marker, already flew away towards the goal.

5 vidal comes in ball towards dybala

The cross in the middle takes place in numerical superiority condition. The occasion is tempting, despite the wrong conclusion of the Croatian – who will have the opportunity to make up later, propitiating the actions for both of the Bianconeri goals.


In conclusion, the game has to be considered as a final (as suggested by Guardiola himself) where we are not the favourites, and for that we need to be aware of the fact that no matter what Bayern has the duty to win the UCL, this team has the players and the coach to do so, as for Juventus this competition is just a Dream, an Achievable Dream (as Allegri has mentioned several times) if we believe in it, but not an obsession.