The Juventus management has understood very well what’s missing in this Juventus and what are the priorities for January. The defense is the department to reinforce and are two roles in the addition: a central defender and left back. 

 If the option Chiellini has worked with AC Milan is not said that this solution will be always used, which is why we shall assess different options. The first is represented by Rhodolfo. The Brazilian is very close to his move to Turin, but his status as a non-EU does not help, because of that Juventus could go on other roads. 

First option in the center is Hummels, middle-class of ’88 is 191 cm playing with Borussia Dortmund. The cost of the player is high on 20 million for this negotiation is complicated. Also at the center,Juventus also follows other Brazilian tracks but could also opt to not spend substantial numbers especially if Bonucci will be confirmed at high levels. 

 There remains, to be treated the left wing. Based on what will buy or not on the center may shake the names band. The hot names are three : Content, Kolarov and Cissokho. The last two names listed and loved ones, full-backs, good under pressure and in the defensive phase are the preferred options. In January we will know more, for now we know with certainty that the team will be improved.