Hi! I am here! Finally!

Juventus has placed the second shot of the market in this winter session: Martin Caceres (24) is a new black and white player. The agreement between the leadership of Corso Galileo Ferraris and Seville was found on the basis of a loan, paid 1.5 million euros, with the definitive transfer fixed at 8. As confirmed in the morning by Victor Horta, the ds Andalusian club, Juve’s offer was really essential. The news bounced last night between Italy and Spain and taken from the main sports dailies, will become official soon. 

El Pelado, therefore, returns to put on the back jacket of the Vecchia Signora after the parentheses of 2009-2010 season, when he left a good impression to the environment despite his season had been limited by a nagging groin. In total, 15 games were spiced up with a very nice goal against Lazio in Rome, on the day of his official debut. In his first brief experience in Juventus, Caceres was able to enter immediately in the good graces of black-white fans for his determination and his competitive spirit, and therefore, his return is also endorsed unanimously by the supporters of zebras: indeed, there are good prospects for the second adventure of Martin Caceres in black and white is even more satisfying than the first.

Now, with the team of Conte league leaders and a quieter environment, El Pelado is ready to give his great contribution, in all four roles in the defense. The 24-year old eclectic and flexible former Barcelona defender and, now, former Seville is in Turin, where he will support the medical ritual before being, in effect, available to coach Antonio Conte, who knows, perhaps even starting from the match against Udinese on Saturday or, more probably, for the next league game, the tricky trip to Parma. 

Ends, therefore, the telenovela of bianconero market on NON-EU that would be “married” with the Old Lady. For Cáceres is a second marriage that this time will be more durable than the predecessor and, hopefully, with more satisfaction and to share victories together. At the end he won the day, the real target of Juventus, the player who Antonio Conte preferred compared to antagonist Guarin, however, an important player and that would have been useful to the Juventus needs (perhaps coming in June, who knows). 

But for the midfield, there are luxury alternatives and among all, the most fascinating is called Nainggolan, 23 year old player of Cagliari who Marotta and Paratici will try to rip all the way from Sardinian President, Cellino . Nainggolan and Caceres, with Marco Borriello, represent three shots of high-level to consolidate the top of the standings in Serie A. In defense, however, no transfer would be better than the Uruguayan: Martin already knows the Italian league, and therefore does not need time to adapt. Martin is young and has his leg, charisma, sense of location, flexibility, quality, quantity and, above all, Martin has the characteristic Uruguayan “garra” essential to fight at high levels. 

Some say that his natural role is to be full-back, so a vice-Lichtsteiner, there are those, however, who believe that his ideal role is that of the central (who in Juve could steal the place to Bonucci): a Antonio Conte puzzle that will be happy to answer, knowing to have a real wild card who plays well equally in all roles of the defense. 

Compared to 2009-2010, El Pelado has acquired international experience, awareness in his own ability and has grown physically and athletically: returns to Turin after having dealt in the Spanish league, champions the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldo, Benzema; also, returns to Juve a champion of the Copa America with his Uruguay. In short, the guy is unquestionably improved and has become accustomed to the big stage, is ready to give his best at Juventus Stadium and start to win trophies. Juventus can not wait continue  with him this beautiful practice. 

Welcome back to Juve, Martin!

source: tuttojuve.com
adapted by: Mike Prise