TO BE CLEAR ONCE AND FOR ALL. Means nothing the heartfelt and hypocrites appeals of the institutions of the Italian football to make us  forget Farsopoli and move on. The black and white people will continue his battle, waged five years ago now, without fear or failure. Now next to her new president, Andrea Agnelli, the first one against all. 

It’s no use that the sports media (gazzetta in particular), and team concerned, ask to juventini to look to the future. To look at what will come, you have to have full consciousness of what is left behind. And in the past Juventus fans were robbed of two scudetti and a bright sporting future. And for the second theft the time can not be the gentleman, but will become for the first.

Only recklessly and with malice they can ask the bianconero people to forget. Why, without the necessary comparisons, never ask a victim to forget the face of his tormentor? Simply crazy. The past can only be said to be filed with the return of two titles on the board of Juventus at full capacity. We will Never close the “cabin” before.

For many fans football can also be just a sport. Well for us it is not just that. When they took “twenty eight” and “twenty-nine,” we were robbed of scudetti but of emotions. Of Joys and Sorrows experienced in the stadiums, in the streets or at home, following a round ball attacked by eleven black and white heroes. Only when those two sons of Juventus will return home we will finally turn a blind eye on the past, and the years after 2006. But not before. Not until our justice will be done. Until then, dear media, newspapers and guilty innocent you can talk in circles.

source:canalejuve.itadapted by: Mike Prise