When We were winning, always. On the field, most of all. 
When we have fallen. 
When we did not know where we were going to end. 
When we knew, and we accepted it. Struggling to get up. 
When we entered the field in Rimini. 
When others were celebrating. 
When we were watching. 
When they were hoping that we would never come back. 
When we began to climb. When we could not find our way. 
When we have rediscovered: by winning. 

This is our party, won every last drop of sweat. 
Is the party of all those who have always believed. 
Is the party of all you juventini fans that instead of abandoning us you made hear your voice even louder. 
Is the party of those who cheered for as a goal in Serie B as it has earned us the title. 
Is the party, why not, the opponents (not all) that have always respected us. 
Is the party of Balzaretti, Belardi, Bianco, Birindelli, Bojinov, Boumsong, Buffon, Camoranesi, Chiellini, De Ceglie, Giannichedda, Giovinco, Guzman, Kovac, Lanzafame, Legrottaglie, Marchionni, Marchisio, Mirante, Nedved, Palladino, Paro, Piccolo, Trezeguet, Venitucci, Zalayeta, Zanetti, Zebina. All. Deschamps.. 

It had to end like this, I never stopped believing. Thank you all, guys. Let’s enjoy, we are a well-deserved. I was there, you were there. We were there. And we are, at last. We’re back. 


source: alessandrodelpiero.com
adapted by: Mike Prise

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