Once upon a time Juventus that appeared at Siena and won with security and strength. In 2003 a 3-1. Then in 2004, with Capello on the bench with two goals in a 3-0 goal by Del Piero and Camoranesi and then a 3-0 again in 2005-2006, that Juventus (who died only a few) with Mutu, Trezeguet and Patrick Vieira scored. Before a new 3-0 with Ferrara just arrived, with a setback with Ranieri (Kharja). Last match also with Ferrara, before the storm and a 1-0 with Amauri in a game short of spectacular. 

It seems clear that we want that Juventus, the one of 3-0 on Sunday. We must awaken the appetite of Captain Del Piero (who often rages against Siena), already shown good form against Parma. It takes the determination seen with the Ducal’s , that spirit and that strength. Juventus from the past entered the field of the small teams and eat them for breakfast in an authoritarian manner, strong, decisive.The possession of the ball with Parma has shown a sign of maturity and desire to grow. 

Now with Siena and Bologna but also Catania we will get proof of maturity. Last year with the newly promoted Cesena, Brescia and Lecce arrived 2 draws and a defeat. If Conte wants to aim high it will take far better results and above all show continuity of wins, what the past year we missed. 

Open eyes and open ears, at Siena will be a battle … hopefully we will win.