Another Family Picture…. We just love to dance all together…
We have broad shoulders, very large, otherwise we would have already recommended to Agnelli to take the team abroad. Beforehand ,there is no doubt that Muntari’s goal was 100 percent regular. 

That said, however, The linesman has canceled the goal of Matri also clearly regular, the goal of the potential 2-1 and would be the final two by two. According to this Tagliavento has not arbitrated match bad, but awful. 

Red card for Vidal was there, but then we do not understand how Van Bommel and Muntari have finished the game(without receiving red cards before). Someone say there was Farsopoli and after Farsopoli referees are better, now we’ve got the answer that referees are always equal. 

Well done, little or much, counts for nothing, all the same, and proof of the dance we’ve been told. Give us back De Santis  … 

Saturday’s game, tells us that Milan was great, but Juve never gives up,because the climate for the first time would have killed a bull to the arena. Juve didn’t ​​let herself get killed …. 

Well done, but do not accuse us of being shamed, because maybe someone else should feel ashamed…. If you want we will tell you names and surnames.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: MontenegroJuventino