This beautifull image has to remember to all of Us the day when we have won the 29th Scudetto
Okay, we are in 2012, has started a new year. Anything goes and alos that in the new year maybe someone has lost his memory. Anything goes, but we have not forgotten the battles that we conducted in 2011 that will surely follow in 2012. Of course we talk about the return of the schudetti number 28 and number 29 and the subsequent lifting of the cardboard scudetto of M***A. 

Juventus yesterday has opened the proceedings by asking to TNAs the 5 copies of the award against M***A and FIGC for contested. It was time, it’s been nineteen days after the start of the year and almost a month after the famous “room of the fake peace”. It’s been about a month of Corriere dello Sport, which gave ample room for Farsopoli with an extensive interview of a commissioner who carried out the investigation and revealed some interesting discrepancies. The good news yesterday, is though that Farsopoli is still alive as never before and that’s thanks to Juventus that does not quit, but also to the fans that do not forget. 

We expect the answers to whom it may concern and understand the reasons for the sentence of Farsopoli. With peace of Petrucci and Co., also in 2012, will be a year full of “courts and lawyers” because we all try to dig for the truth come to light. The agenda seems to be already full of commitments and who knows if at the end of the year we can really celebrate the third star. 

source:; by:Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise