[adsense]Then you wonder why Juventus fan feels air of conspiracy. And then wonder why Conte has certain reactions when he complains of lack of objectivity. With last night was really touched a very low-level, in fact if an Italian journalist comes to cheer to the goal of an English team that contends the qualification with Juve, well, there is little to add, the fact speaks for itself . If a man of information behaves like this, it becomes more than “normal” if at every mistake in favor of Juve the media cry foul, if for any wrong suffered everything is silent. If the person who conveys the information has that vision of sport then everything is fine. It refers to journalists from at national level, not local (which probably can be more professional and less biased than the more famous).

This is Italy football, this is a reflection of the level of our national football and is probably what we deserve. In fact, never would have happened with roles reversed. If those who should ensure a minimum of impartiality comes to rejoice in a goal at the end of a team which among other things to date does not deserve to qualify and as showed on the field, and the different available budget (never mind the financial fair play ) than the other two antagonists, well, if it comes to this, what you can expect from opposing fans? It becomes “legitimate”. And as if that were not enough, we also read articles against the reaction of Conte, against the reaction of a sport man who rightly rejects this, against the reaction of a true man – unlike others. We are touching the bottom.

source: tuttojuve.com