Juventus-Cagliari serie A

As we had expected, as we had hoped the project Conte continues. A successful project that needed no doubt, seen the results. They shook hands, a grip that is worth a thousand words. Unity of purpose we said, unity of views, which is worth more than every word said and written in recent weeks. In many, perhaps to create stress, perhaps to build anticipation, perhaps to acquire plays had mounted a case, however, creating an avalanche that broke up in the first heat of summer.

The Juve project continues, society and the unity of views is ‘total. Impossible to think of a conduction different from that of Antonio Conte, impossible to think of a Juventus without its leader. The themes of the evening are clear to all: tactical projects, rose to renew, negotiations intertwined and possible names. Last night they talked, discussed, but eventually agreed that the project Conte should continue, someone else will be especially sad.

Some names? Well, certainly Higuain, Diamanti, a defender (perhaps Ogbonna), an foreign winger (Nani?) and a second striker (Jovetic), but be careful because the surprises could be around the corner and come from Barcelona, Manchester, Madrid and Paris where technical changes could revolutionize everything.