It is from today’s indiscretion of Tuttosport and Corriere dello Sport that they want an exchange between Marchisio and Vucinic. Roma and Juventus are considering? Please!.

There are two hypotheses to avert a similar disaster transfer. Write a long editorial, or get invited to “Come away with me”, read “list because Marchisio can not be sold .” Away with the music …

Marchisio can not be sold … because it is one of the few Juventini to be left in team. True Juventini that know what it means to wear that shirt, what sacrifices need to do to earn their place in the team, the First Team, the National team …;

Marchisio can not be sold … because we do not understand why Marotta and Conte want should get rid of him and instead Ferguson, Mourinho, Sabatini, Luis Enrique, Ancelotti, ManUtd, Rome and many others would have wanted him in the team;

Marchisio can not be sold … because the technical quality and flexibility of this boy are undeniable. At only 20 years impressed and forced Deschamps to use him throughout the entire second part of season in Serie B, for the wonderful clever tactics, personality and feet of velvet. Unfortunately, for some years, some fans want the evil of Juve and not even for Claudio to put aside this strange thoughts of suicide;

Marchisio can not be sold … because the jolly are worth much, and Marchisio is perhaps one of the last remaining wild card in midfield. Good to cover at least 3 roles to great effect;

Marchisio can not be sold … because if you use him at the best is able to score better then a striker. Just go to review the first few games of last tournament and that wonderful goal against Udinese. All actions are not due to chance, but not indifferent quality;

Marchisio can not be sold … because if Vidal has cost 10.5 million euros, Alvarez 12, Lamela 12 … well I can not quantify his market value: it certainly can not be less than at least twice of the last two;

Marchisio can not be sold … because Vucinic is definitely a good player, but it is not the turning of a cycle, while Marchisio is, for me, the man who will inherit the captaincy of Alex Del Piero.

by: IoJuventino
adapted by: Mike Prise