Mirko Vucinic, respond to the Corriere dello Sport microphones, here are some pieces of the interview taken from the website of the newspaper: 
How are you in Turin? “Very well. It ‘s a city different than Rome: less mess, less people that stops you …. ” 
Cooler fans, you mean? “No, the love is the same: they have just a different way to express it.” 
You still live in the hotel? “I got a home at Crocetta, a nice area close to the center. I like it, and also likes to Stephanie, and to my son. Alexandar has only ten months, but he is happy because there is so much green: we spend many hours together in the park. ”  
You seem enthusiastic about your new reality: not a single negative note? “The stolen watch, but I had no fear: it all happened so fast there and then I did not understand anything.” 
Let’s talk about Juventus. “I chose her and I’m happy. Mates and fans have welcomed me very well. ” 
Do you feel you embody the top player expected for a summer? “These things I do not think, quiet: the important thing is to go out and give everything.” 
Dejan Savicevic, however, places you among the top five strikers in the world. “Exaggerates, but his words are pleasing: he was a great champion.” 
Really has advised you for Juventus? “Having heard of the offer, he said, ‘do it right away’ ” 
Is it true that as a child, because of Dejan, you were Milan fan? “I admired him, as all the kids in Montenegro: the sympathy for the team was a consequence.” 
Sunday you will face the Rossoneri: is a Scudetto challenge? “It ‘s a challenge between great teams: we want to win to gain even more confidence, awareness of our strength.”