TURIN, July 6, 2012 – In the game of pairs you must start from Vucinic, genius and recklessness of Juventus to give the assault on the Champions League. Because the Montenegrin is the added value, always, with this team. At his side can play all because he can do everything. It is not a play on words: can be at the center or from the side areas and then converge, can make the first or second striker, can actually stand behind the two finalizers if necessary. But Antonio Conte hardly could deploy him in this position.
The fact is that starting from Vucinic as a guarantee, Vucinic-Van Persie, under the tactical aspect, would be the couple perfect for a simple reason: even the Dutchman, with his great movement, does not give reference points to opponents. Different matter, however, would be Dzeko. Who is powerful but very predictable. The team should play for him and prefers to stay in the penalty area to finalize the action. 
Easy, tactically speaking, to find the case of Giovinco like Vucinic never does grant you reference points. Cesare Prandelli in blue considers it an second striker but the atomic ant can play any role in the attack without any problems. 

 source: Tuttosport (by Camillo Forte)

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS