Mirko Vucinic has released a few jokes to the site’s calcio24.com, to the Alitalia flight that took him from Rome to Turin, after the fatigues of the national team of Montenegro. Here are his words, issued to Mr Salvino Cavallaro: 
“Without a beard or mustache, I look younger? can be, I did it to weigh less and, therefore, struggle even less in the game. What do I think of today’s Juve? I tell you that is stronger than last year and, although came not the top player that everyone wanted, I’m sure that I, Giovinco, Matri and Quagliarella we will make all not regret him. Not to mention the Dane, Bendtner, who is a champion and I am sure he will quickly integrate into our team. ” 

 source: tuttojuve.com

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS