FLORENCE, September 26, 2012 – No drama, please. A draw in Florence can be. Especially against this Fiorentina: beautiful, well organized and wicked when you need it. No drama because they are still 44 league games in a row that the band of Conte does not lose, and because in the worst case only Napoli this evening, will reach at the top of the standings, the champions of Italy. Let’s say, however, that the Franchi revealed the human side of Juventus. Until last night practically unknown. Playing every three days, of course, it also hurts to truck Bianconeri. Zero shots to Viviano (apart from two “mozzarella”), 90′ under rhythm, pressing rather shy, and a lot of smoke in the attack. 
AAA first striker is wanted … The last time without a goal for Juventus as far back as March 11, Genoa-Juventus 0-0 draw. Here, beyond the result there are a few things that deserve careful study from Conte. Chapter Pirlo: the champion has really entered a phase of his career that goes “protected” and sipped? Alarm today, however, the difficulty of finding continuity of performance and goals in attack. Vucinic is a certainty, but his ideal partner, Matri and Giovinco, have so far fenced. Quagliarella? It is certainly the most complete  of Conte’s  forwards, but for characteristics the Neapolitan is not the right “half” of Vucinic. Yeah, the real problem is the first striker. Matri aside, Giovinco is quite disappointing , that apart from the two goals of Udine, made inter alia, in a finished game, has not yet proven can fit in the context of Juventus. Bad in London, yesterday bad, evil even in National, where he is in serious danger of being overtaken by the emerging Insigne. Has quality and character to sell Seba, so everything has to go up, but must act quickly, so as not to be “crushed” by those € 11 million that Juventus has spent to redeem from the Parma. In BIG teams there is no patience, there is not always a second chance. 

source: tuttosport.com

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS