his favorite team to score against is M***A and that’s a HUGE quality, isn’t it?
“I’m fine, I’ve completely recovered and I can’t wait for going back to the pitch, because it’s hard not to be involved.” Being forced to see your team-mates play is always hard for every footballer, for Mirko Vucinic as well. However, the muscle injury which obliged him to miss the last games of 2011 was overcome, and the Montenegrin is now raring to restart, even because the match against Lecce is approaching, which game has a special meaning for Mirko, as he arrived in that city when he was 17 years old and grew up there as footballer and man: “It’s my second home. I’ve been there for six wonderful years and I’m always happy to come back. Moreover, I had to skip the fixture against Roma, and I was really sorry about it.” 

The next championship clash will see the Bianconeri play the Giallorossi from Puglia, but there is another encounter which continues at a distance, that against Milan. In this challenge, Juve have an extraordinary weapon more in Mirko’s opinion: “Our will can be noticed only in a few teams. We want to improve and continue our work. In fact, I’ve never worked so hard. What have Milan more than us? Well, last year’s title. They’ve an edge for that reason only.” If we minimize this duel to individual players, a comparison between Vucinic and Ibrahimovic is quite easy, due to their strength, their fine feet, the Slavonic origin… “and due to the last two letters of our surnames…”, ironically said the Montenegrin. 

Another aspect in common is certainly the ambition, and Mirko didn’t hide it: “In 2012 I want to win. Personally, I hope to make a name for myself at European level, and when our manager says that I can make the difference, I’m really pleased. Perhaps, I should score more, because I’ve just scored twice so far. I’m more available for the whole team than others, and I’m however satisfied with myself. Moreover, we’re at the top of the table and this is the main aspect, not how many goals I score, because we’re eleven players on the pitch and we give our all. The most important thing is that we go on our way.” 

source: juventus.com