Arturo Vidal, played four seasons at Leverkusen , amassing 117 appearances and 16 goals, not crumbs. Fans have not yet forgotten the warrior spirit and determination, also the DS of Bayer, Rudi Voeller, who to the microphone of Tuttosport returns to speak about Chilean midfielder: 

“I know that Arturo has started great with Juve, we had no doubts in Germany. But we shall meet again soon, because we intend to organize a game to thank him for us is custom. Even if my wish is to face him in the Champions League , maybe at a Bayer-Juve, that would satisfy everyone. 

I consider Vidal one one of the best shots as a sporting director: he does not miss anything to start a important career.We had four great seasons with him. He only needed a few games to get into the hearts of fans and the same thing will happen with Juve: become an idol there, too. His role? To steal the ball is number one. He has good technique and see the passes. Quality has also expressed in Leverkusen. Arturo can play anywhere.