TURIN, December 14, 2012 – El Guaje (the childin Asturian) does not want to grow old on a bench, even if it is as comfortable of the Camp Nou. El Guaje has won all but at thirty oneyears is looking ahead, God forbid. And reviewing between half a decade or so. For all these reasons, David Villa, El Guaje, is on the market. In Barcelona, ​​they did not put fliers to announce the January sales, much less of an “article” of similar value, but the general picture is clear to all. The Catalans aim to complement Neymar to Messi in the summer and to surround more than enough Alexis Sanchez, Pedrito and the young Tello who yesterday renewed until 2016.

OPEN DOORS Villa has metabolized by time the idea of a divorce from Barca, in fact in his entourage are happy to open up the Italian chronicler, Ongoing negotiations with Juventus are not any, but everything can change in four weeks, anything can happen. Certainly an ace as Villa can not continue to make the bench. There would be nothing wrong if had happened a couple of times, but if it becomes a rule, everything changes. Juve? It ‘a huge club. “

IDEAL PROFILE Ball at Juve, then. The availability of Villa at this point seems obvious. His business card does not need comments: 53 goals in the Spanish national team, 206 in La Liga (5 in the league, in just six appearances as a starter), 30 in international cups. A few days ago Villa has made 32 years and this allows hold up to the demands of Barcelona, ​​which may not exceed the 12-15 million. The track is also interesting for this reason, because Juve aims at balancing the budget in 2013, which excludes pharaonic investment. The main reason for this is that Villa, in addition to being a lethal striker, has characteristics that blend perfectly with the ideas of Conte. Mobile, good in-game of bank (ask for references to Leo Messi), technically equipped. So speaks the same language as Mirko Vucinic, literally as well as figuratively, of Fernando Llorente beyond “policy denial” at this point is much more than a goal for Juve….

source: Tuttosport (by Gianni Lovato)