TURIN – A letter to apologize to everyone. Arturo Vidal has chosen a letter – sent to the Chilean national coach Claudio Borghi, Juventus and his family – to close down and start over again the sad story that has seen him involved with other mates on the eve of the National game against Uruguay and Paraguay. The midfielder, in fact, he had too much to drink at a Christening, then appearing drunk and late for the meeting of his national team. 

“My greatest desire now is to apologize to everyone, especially to my team-mates,” Vidal wrote in the letter. “I understand now the error and I hope to clarify personally with the coach Borghi and his staff. With them I began a professional relationship but also of gratitude and respect. I hope that the pain I caused with my attitude might attenuate, for now I offer my deepest apology, “ he added.

 Vidal said he was sorry for the embarrassment in respect with Juventus “was very close in this difficult time. I would like to apologize even with Juventus fans who have shown me these days all their affection. I made a mistake and now I expect from my just punishment from the Federation. My hope is that someday I will go back to wearing the jersey of my country because nothing would make me more happy and proud. ” 

source: Tuttosport
adapted by: Mike Prise