VINOVO-Arturo Vidal, have you imagined to be so important? Conte, in order to play you, redesigned tactically Juve … 
“I just gave my best in every training and I was lucky enough to fit in quickly: no exaggerations, is the team that is doing well.” 

 In fact, after nine rounds, is at the top of the championship : a surprise? 
“I knew to come to an important club with good players. Now we have to maintain the ranking. ” 

 Naples will be a crucial game… 
“It will be a delicate game against a strong and ambitious opponent: will want to win to erase the defeat from Munich, but we’ll bet the maximum. We would like to reverse the negative tradition. ” 

 Now that the market is a reminder of summer you can say: Bayern Munich-Naples was also the challenge of his suitors burned by Juve? 
“Those about Naples were just rumors, Bayern had come forward seriously: I chose black and white because the club has expressed an more concrete interest .” 

 Antonio Conte is …?
“A coach who knows a lot about football, passionate and in love with the work. I like how he is preparing the games, I like he wants to win every time. ” 

 They say that you remember him as a midfielder … 
“I had seen him play, and even here in Vinovo we watched DVDs of his Juventus. I do not know if I play like him, I know we would all like to become a strong team like that. ” 

 source: corriredellosport