TURIN, September 26, 2014 – Vidal, always him. Comes in and makes a difference. With two goals, decisive, and an outstanding performance. Had not scored for six months also because of physical conditions approximate due to a knee surgery; but as soon as he got better, he returned to make a difference. As before, and more than before. Not for nothing the Manchester United has reached fifty million offer to make it available to Van Gaal, which results in hand, would need someone like him to get out precarity..

After 18 goals last season has resumed the march with a double that allowed Juve to win the fourth consecutive game. He  is not yet in top condition, let alone when it will be at the top. The Chilean is doing different workouts that slowly are taking him to the form of the best days. Besides, the Chilean right now is more relaxed, given that the transfermarket is over. Only thinks about Juve. To win (all) with Juve. Even the Champions League, one of his major objectives.

Arturo Vidal, is going to make 100 presences, from the goal at his debut, coming off the bench, six minutes after coming on against Parma: September 11, 2011, up to yesterday. The Chilean, from the good player became one of the 3 -4 best midfielders in the world. Tomorrow night, in Bergamo, will wear the Juventus jersey number 100 in the league. Numbers say it clearly Vidal is the most prolific midfielders with Juventus .