Running, goals, assists: with him you play in 12. And now everyone wants him

TURIN, April 17, 2013 – Other than warrior, Arturo Vidal is an illusionist. With which module Juventus played in Rome? The 3-5-1-1, at least so it seemed to everyone. Not really: Conte like to win easy and then, without anyone noticing, he was able to deploy the 3-5-2-1. Buffon in goal, Barzagli, Bonucci and Peluso in defense; Lichtsteiner, Vidal, Pirlo, Pogba and Asamoah in midfield, Vidal and Marchisio behind Vucinic. Ok, joking aside, if we see double the blame lies on Vidal: if we see two players instead of one is the merit of the extraordinary nature of this champion who sometimes seems to run downhill to the ease with which he goes up and down the field.

The two phases Arturo against Lazio was one of those nights in which if he had been a dynamo attached to the socks would brighten the stadium. It was everywhere: in defense to cover, in midfield to create and destroy, in attack to score. Vidal knows how to do everything well: there are very few midfielders capable of performing the same yield to the defensive and the offensive. That’s why he is special. At the Olimpico in midway through the second half, therefore with a lot of miles already in the legs, has recoveredin  slide a ball on the edge of the area, he got up, jumped three opponents, he opened a partner and has dictated the passage. Monstrous. Vidal you see him and feel him. And when he is not, as in the second leg against Bayern Munchen his absence you can see and feel. A part Buffon, but he is in the goal, and Pirlo, who is now towards the end of his career, Arturo is the only champion of Juve ready for any goal and stage. Marchisio, just to make a  noble comparison,he is already very strong but has not yet reached his full potential: he has room for further growth. Vidal, however, is already at the top.

The numbers Since he is in Italy the Chilean scored 19 goals in 75 games. Rarely they are goals trivial or unimportant. He beat the keepers of Napoli, Lazio, Fiorentina, Roma and Inter: between the great only missing the AC Milan, next opponent. But of course there are not only goals: there are more than 6 balls recovered per game (the average in his role is 5), the kilometers traveled, the 43 positive passes (the average is 29), the 5 contrasts won (the average is less than 3).