Arturo Vidal snubs Barcelona and Real Madrid, vowing Juventus with love, especially for one reason: “Agnelli asked me to win the Champions League.”

Arturo Vidal and Juventus, a combination that seems inseparable mainly for one reason: the obsession called Champions. The Chilean midfielder swears love to Juventus and walks away the voices that drew him insistently to Barcelona and Real Madrid, aiming high with Madama.

Interviewed by ‘Four Four Two’, the former Leverkusen had served to clarify the present and the future: “I ​​do not hear the sirens from Spain and my family is fine in Turin. I’ve Said many times, I’m happy here. I stay put at Juventus because President Andrea Agnelli asked me to win the Champions League. “

In short, clear ideas from Vidal, who wants to break the Lady continental hunger strike that lasts from early 1996 and intends to enter into the history of the club from Piedmont.

The goal of the number South American 23 is to bring Juve on the roof of Europe, putting aside the constant courting from the Iberian powers.