He settled wonderfully in the Juventus group. Unlike the newcomers, Arturo Vidal has earned on the field the degrees of the starter, that pushed Conte to enact the 4-1-4-1. 

The module in question is the perfect solution for not giving up the three TENORI of midfield: Marchisio, Pirlo, Vidal. It is no coincidence that with the three of them the engine of Juve is on reaching the right rpm. Their contribution is essential for a variety of reasons: balance, maneuver, inserts, filter. Pieces, in fact, that it is difficult to give up. 

In this trio, Pirlo and Marchisio were the most popular. Most run, the most commonly used in pre-season for the absence of Chilean. The debut in the championship had already shown a first solution: the phosphorus and the race of Vidal could be valuable for this Juventus, as well as his instinct to seek more input and then that vice for the goal … but we had not understood what could be the ideal solution: along to Pirlo? Behind the attacker? In the lateral position? 

The Doubt, even the doubts, Conte brilliantly solved them, launching a kind of midfield of 5 very dynamic. The wings are the wings, Pirlo does Pirlo, because as Pirlo there is nobody in the world: in front of the defense, with freedom to go out sporadically in the midfield and to trigger the striker. And then Marchisio and Vidal to liberate their instincts, strong with pretty good technique, a unbeatable spirit of sacrifice and an monstrous tactical sense. In the five games I have not seen Juve suffer because of the opponent, never suffer a counter-atack, never go below numerically in defense even when the full backs are pushing and midfielders are all about to attack. Result of a sparing of the Master Conte who has found the right distances between departments and most appropriate people (and very available and willing) to his tactical plan. 

Vidal is simply the novelty, in fact, he is a player that Juve has always possessed. The grit of Tardelli and the wickedness of Benetti, or simply the wisdom of Jugovic and dynamism of Davids. I like Vidal to approach these men, well highlighting, until now, the distances. But Vidal was only 24 years and is the fifth game in black and white jersey. 

Conte used him to the right, indeed in the center-right, so that Vidal can plug the hole left by Krasic when he goes … and not comes back. And always in this way Vidal can accompany the outbursts of Serbian’s approaching dangerously penalty area. Against Milan, except for Vucinic, the other player who has attempted the goal for the greatest number of times was the Chilean. Defect of aim, a defect stressed out even more after scoring in his debut. But there will be time to polish this defect, because of other flaws … for the moment I can not see. 

Congrats, therefore, to Marotta who ripped him from competition of European teams, on all the scary Bayern Monaco. I enjoy even because about Vidal we did not know him and many had doubts about his adaptation to the Italian league. I enjoy when the newspapers wrote about a difficult position on the chessboard of Conte and threw polls unresolved: Marchisio or Vidal near to Pirlo?And why not all three?!? 

source : IoJuventino.net 
adapted by:Mike Prise