Today I wanted to analyze the work of our three musketeers: Vidal, Marchisio, Pogba

The numbers are proportional to the “actual playing” (I divided the number of minutes each one for 90) …


Analyzing the “defensive” parameters (contrasts made, won, fouls done, warnings) Vidal is the player who contributes most to the cause of Juventus. Recovers on average 5.67 balls per game. Wins 72% of contrasts (in% less than Marchisio) carrying an average of 5.81 contrasts per game. He  is also the player who makes more fouls and is booked more. Comparing the number of fouls made ​​to the warnings, Vidal gets a yellow every 5.44 fouls. Pogba takes one every 32 fouls.

Marchisio each 9.75. Enormous difference this figure between Pogba and Vidal shows how the Chilean is always in the center of the battle (fouls, tackles, yellow cards) and what perhaps should grow Pogba as competitive “evil”. You could also look at it in another way and to congratulate Pogba to be able to measure out the interventions.

Analyzing the parameters offensive jump Marchisio and Pogba are shooting at a frequency slightly higher than Vidal, Pogba has also incredible efficiency with a goal every 3 games practically. Vidal is inspired in terms of passes in played attack (superior both to Marchisio and of Pogba) and in terms of quality of the passes. The Chilean provides an assist every 3 games. The number of cross shows how the Chilean than his two “cronies” prefers to maintain a more central position in the field. The “sum” of these data shows how Vidal is more maneuverable and prefers to take care (again compared to the other two) more of the defensive phase and setting of the game. The other two point more on insertions and lateral movements …

article by Fabio Franco