You will have to get used with this heart cause I am planning to score some more goals in 2012

The performances of Arturo Vidal since his summer arrival have seen him cement his place in Antonio Conte’s plans and form a crucial part of the new-look Bianconeri side. But the all-action midfielder has also confirmed his seamless integration into the Italian lifestyle. 

Speaking from the team’s mid-season training camp in Dubai, the 24-year-old began: “I feel at home in Italy. It was my dream to play for a big team here and now I’m at the most important side in the country. When I received the call, I knew that I wouldn’t be playing in the Champions League, but it wasn’t important and now we’re working hard to qualify for next year’s competition.” 

The team’s explosive start to the campaign has helped Vidal settle in quickly, with the Chilean instantly playing his part in a top-of-the-table tussle with defending champions Milan: “It’s not just Milan and Juve who need to be considered, also Inter, Udinese, who are very strong as we saw in the last game, Napoli, Roma… it would be a mistake to think that Milan are our only rivals.” 

Having arrived after a four-year spell in the Bundesliga, the midfielder immediately noticed a difference in approach: “There’s a lot more emphasis on tactics here, and all games are tough because every team gives their all against Juventus. It wasn’t like that at Leverkusen, they were a team who played well, but there was a lot less pressure.” 

In spite of this, Vidal has managed to secure a spot in a settled midfield trio, which has become regarded as one of the best in Europe: “Alongside Pirlo and Marchisio, we’re a very strong midfield, it’s true, but in Europe there’s the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid. However, in Italy, I must say that Udinese are great in the middle of the park.” 

The Chilean ended by hailing the strong rapport with his team-mates before commenting on his individual role in Conte’s 4-3-3 setup: “There’s a great spirit between us and this has impressed me – we’re like brothers. In terms of the system, for me it’s always important to defend well, before going forward, but I’m very settled in the three-man midfield. Am I scoring less compared to previous seasons? Yes, but I’m happy all the same, because we’re unbeaten and top of the table. If I manage to score a few more, even better, but I prefer that Juve win.”