TURIN, October 18, 2012 – A warrior does not lay ever the weapons, whatever armor, Juventus or Chile: “To give a nudge to be expelled and return here before? You must be joking. “ A warrior must instill fear: “If you beat your opponent, then will look at you with fear.” A warrior must win ‘for the title we are the favorites, because We are the championsbut when you work as Juve does, you can also compete for the Champions League and the Italian Cup. “

Arturo Vidal, namely “El guerrero”, became disqualified because on the hallway was Juve-Napoli?
“But how do you think such a thing? I love to play, both for the national team that with Juventus, and there was a big game, with Argentina. “

There has been controversy for the flat-rate Gigi Buffon: what do you think?
“That the players of Juventus and those professionals in general always want to play. Then, clear that there are injuries and red cards. “

Juventus-Napoli is so important?
“It is because they are doing a good season, and now we will see who is the strongest.”

“It’s always important to win every game: so then the other teams look at you and have a little ‘fear.’

What effect made the Super Cup award ceremony with no Napoli?
“They told me later, at that time I was too happy to see what others were doing.”

better to have Cavani or a team that has scored with ten players?
“Better a strong team, rather than one or two players. In fact, you must have a group, united, because not even eleven players are enough. “

Have you expected a great striker?
“They have talked about it, but I’ve always been quiet because we still had strong ones: Quagliarella, Matri, Vucinic.”

“Vidal is a top player,” said Conte and Agnelli.
“I’m glad, but you always have to prove it.”

For you PSG and Real had prepared 25 million: you would have thought?
“You start always with a dream, and when you get in a great team also the other look at you. But I’m happy here. “

In London, crippled, made a great goal: feared to end badly his debut in the Champions League?
“When I twisted my ankle I was afraid to go out. Then, while I was being medicating, they scored, then I said to myself: “I can not leave right now.” It was my first match in the Champions League with Juventus. “

More warrior in the physical or in the head?
“In the heart. Then come the legs and head. “

Cavani aside, an enemy?
“Cannavaro, I like how he plays. And Maggio. “

“Strong too, can always put you in trouble.”

How much Isla will weigh on the future of Juve?
“So much. I’ve known him for ten years, we played in the national youth. “

And the absence of Conte?
“We miss him, and his screams. But he’s still with us throughout the week. “

You go less strong than last season: are you tired?
“We played a lot of games, which almost do not know if you’re tired or not. In the end, perhaps a little ‘I was. Now I have recovered and shall be one hundred percent. “

The goal of this year?
“Last year I made seven goals, I hope to score more. In addition to winning, but there is always that goal. “

How did he become the penalty taker of Juve?
“Before it was Pirlo, I talked to him and he gave me the opportunity. He said: “If you have faith, you shoot them.” I was pleased, because he is a great. “

Messi also took notes: what did you learn?
“The most impressive thing about Pirlo is that when the ball arrives, already saw the whole field and what is happening to us above. And he knows what to do. “

The Champions League can make you lose the title?
“can cause us work harder, lose the Scudetto will see. Because when you work as strong as us, you can take all: Champions League, Scudetto, the Italian Cup. “

Juventus-Napoli: Who is the favorite?
“We, because we won the championship. But they are very strong. “

Less beautiful than a year ago but more points and goals, six: more practical?
“Stronger, even if we have to we improve to get to where we want. We played better, but a lot of we have draw. “

Menu to beat Napoli?
“Press high and play the ball, making them run: then we win.”

Source: La Stampa (article by Massimiliano Nerozzi)