Arturo Vidal spoke today to the Corriere della Sera: “When I am at home I like to play with my son Alonso – no, the name has nothing to do with Formula 1 – that, for now, to the ball prefers the superhero, Spiderman is now , or watch a movie with Steven Seagal with my wife Maria Teresa. Only in the field I am tough, in reality I am nice. “

Juventus: “The strongest team in Italy. Here I am and here I want to stay for a long time to win again with this shirt. There wouldn’t be all my friends (to be commended, does not have a favorite companion). Next to me I have very strong players. That’s why we won. The cutest is Simone Pepe. The strength of Juventus is the union of the group. In the field and in the dressing room there is great harmony. Juventus can play with all the teams: we certainly have the means to win the Scudetto and the Champions that. “

Antonio Conte: “He helped me a lot, has always explained everything about how he wanted me to play. Good but demanding, must be to win. Maybe I think (that’s enough, referring to fatigue), but you do not tell and pull forward. “