Many newspapers today suggest great offers from Germany to Arturo Vidal. Very true, Vidal is required. On one hand there are those who want to buy, on the other there are those who will not sell. Juventus knows that Vidal is impossible to replace. A player like him is not on the market, which is why Juventus are not willing to sacrifice unless insane conditions.

The insane conditions are on one side an offer of more than thirty million euro and the other a non-aggression pact that would open to Juventus a fast track to the real target of Juventus: Luis Suarez.

If Bayern is pulling out and even manages to favor the arrival in Turin of Uruguayan (brothers Guardiola you speak), the Bianconeri could reciprocate the favor with Vidal. In short, a strange turn of the market with different roles but rounds of friendships or contacts that fit.To Juventus then it would lack a central midfield but the solutions are not lacking and are three.

The first comes from Pogba, promoted owner with full degrees after a year of aging. The second goes from the foot of Poli of Sampdoria, already an option on and also him ready to play as central midfielder. Finally, the old bullet Nainggolan, true fighter and perhaps the best player suited to play in place of Arturo Vidal.

In any case, the fans should rest assured, Vidal will not go and if there was this madness,  a great champion would arrive.