tletico Madrid-Juventus was presented as a test to measure your international standing. After the defeat how distant you feel you are from the top clubs in the Champions League?
“I do not think that the defeat leaves us too far. I think we are far away from the largest in Europe. We faced a strong team that sets his game in a very obstructionist, which remains in its half of the field, wait and try to hurt you on the break. It ‘reached the final of the Champions League and continues to be one of the strongest teams. We played a game at their level: not perfect, because we lost, but we played without suffering with whom last year was going to win the Cup. ”

Do you believe, therefore, that your European maturity has grown?
“Yes, for me it is. This year, like last year with the Real, in Spain we had a refereeing who I did not like: not admonished them despite a lot of fouls and their defenders were always crying … ugly to play like that ! Anyway, for me the Juventus has grown, I have seen progress in attitude. We play together for a while ‘, the group is solid and have arrived players who have increased the quality “.

After the defeat, have you thought about the opportunity of revenge against Roma?
“No, we were just very angry at the Calderon for having lost an incredible game. No one could believe that Atletico could score a goal playing like that. ”

In Madrid, however, were not counted even a shot in the goal. Not happened since 2006.
“Because it was a tough game and strange, that you had to play with your head. We made a mistake and we conceded the goal. ”

What type of game will be with Rome?
“We have to attack them immediately. Strong like always. Do not let them breathe, do not permit them to express their game and express ours. Because when we play football we are very strong. ”

What does Juve-Roma mean for you?
(big smile) “For me always went very well. In Turin I always have scored goals against Roma, some of them important. “

Pereyra is a young Vidal?
“Yes, it can be. He’s fast, technically good. And here he can mature even more. I knew him well before: against us he always had big games. We became friends right away. Now he has to score goals. ”

Differences between Conte and Allegri?
“Character: one is more … how to say … intense, the other is quieter. And work in the field: the methods are very different, but there is one thing they have in common: they want to win. Using two different paths to get to the same place: being the First. ”

Was it shocking the farewell of Conte?
“Yes, it was. Also because I was on vacation, I did not understand what was happening. And I had never ever seen in my life a coach who leaves after winning three championships. ”

How have you lived this long summer market? Upon you were written millions of words, but only you know the truth.
“I was serene. I just thought about my knee. Never once have I asked my agent or Juventus if something was going on. I have a pact with my agent if there is something concrete he informs me. And he has never notified me. I do not know exactly what happened during the summer months, but I do not think anything really important, otherwise he would have said: Arturo there is this possibility … »

And what would you have responded to an offer of Manchester millionaire?
“I do not know. Really, I do not know … I can only say that I find myself really well in Turin. Here I am happy, my wife is happy, loves Turin, Alonsito my son is happy here and also the small one. For me the condition of my family is more important than money or any other thing. At Juventus i am happy, it’s my home it’s always difficult to go away from home, right? “.

adapted in english from an article G. Vaciago from Tuttosport