From the pages of La Stampa, an interesting interview with King Arturo Vidal, by Massimiliano Nerozzi. 

Vidal describes his passion, his origins and the arrival in Europe: “I decided to be a footballer at age twelve, when I came to Colo Colo. The first team was Rodelinda Roman, one of my neighborhood on the outskirts of Santiago . I loved football and wanted to help my family. They helped me a lot when I was little, Victor Hugo, my uncle. Then Hugo Gonzales, youth coach of Colo Colo. The arrival in Europe was very hard, at 19 years, though Leverkusen was the opportunity of a lifetime. The language, the cold, people, all of Germany was different from home. For two months my agent stayed with me, then alone. My mom always told me to be consistent and fight. ” 

 Vidal also speaks of the origins of his name and nicknames: Arturo was the maternal grandfather, Erasmus, my father, my mother’s last name Pardo. They call me “guerrero”, the warrior, and I like it. Describes well my game and my character. In Chile, the nickname was Celia Punk, by the hair and the Cuban singer Celia Cruz. The hair I made it by myself, at the South American Under-20. Now the hairdresser who comes here in Vinovo. ” 

 Finally Torino and Bayern: “I wanted Juve : a great club, known throughout the world and with a lot of fans. About Juventus had heard many years ago, in Chile we followed the Italian league. In Turin, I’m better than in Germany. I’m with family. My wife Maria Theresa, and my son Alonso, 2 years and six months. And then, for the warmth of the fans, the language, I feel much closer to Chile” 

The acclimatization with Juventus and the Italian championship : “Here is hard to play, against any team. Much harder than the Bundesliga. Even after the first benches, I was always calm. I knew I had to pick up the pace early, and wait for the train of my chance. My job is what I’m doing at Juve. With Pirlo and Marchisio: I have the freedom to attack and defend. Better when I defend. Retrieving balls. I do enjoy the compliments of Marchisio, is a great, and we are united. When he goes forward I rest and vice versa. We have a good understanding. ” 

 The challenges with Lazio and Napoli: “Only one league goal after ten at Bayer, but we are just beginning, I do not think: I prefer the team wins, rather. We are strong, but now arrive difficult games and we play at 110 percent. Lazio and Napoli: the difficult, indeed. If we win, we think that we are strong and that for the title there is also Juventus. Tomorrow Klose, who knows where to stay to score a goal, even on rebounds. ” 

Sorcery and comparisons: “For luck I have a white ribbon on right wrist, I like it. Before the matches I am listening to cumbia raggaeton de Puerto Rico. The best comparison and compliment that I have is that I am a cross between Conte and Davids, two great. Conte as a coach is a very tactical, aggressive, which is working great. And he likes to win. This Juve is like me: races and wants to win. ” 

 source: lastampaadapted by: Mike Prise