This time he won. Against all odds and despite all the criticism, Massimiliano Allegri has deleted, perhaps forever, Conte. His Juventus is among the best in Europe and, with some tweaking of the market in the winter session, the Bianconeri will gamble with the favorites for the final victory. Be clear, the company’s goal was not to get on the top step of the podium, but dreaming does not cost anything and everything is possible in football. This qualification has built by Max, shaping Juventus, his Juventus.

Some will still find it hard to accept him, but the coach has done better than his predecessor. Last year, at this point of the season, fans were waiting to know the opponents in the Europa League. This year you can think big and, in February, Juventus will still protagonist in Europe that counts. Conte left Juventus convinced of a potential failure in Europe, when perhaps it was enough to realize with a little more in advance that no team in the Champions League plays with 3-5-2, maybe there is a reason for that. Sometimes being too sure of themselves does not bring the scoped results and Allegri, in silence, has been able to bring Juventus where all the fans were hoping for, not forgetting the amazing journey in the league.

It will be important to understand what will be the team that Buffon and company will meet in the second round, but in the meantime the fans will enjoy this passage to the next round, which marks the victory of Allegri. Yes, really him.

adapted in english an article of Massimo Pavan from