Juventus can win the Champions League?
“Yes, is pretty much in the quarter, and the last eight must have this ambition. Then someone is a bit ‘more favored, but Juve is now a great outsider. Like Paris Saint Germain.”

A thought for Matri, who plays once his.
“Waiting to find out what can give Anelka, Matri is the only center forward in the squad. Vucinic, Quagliarella and Giovinco are the second strikers, Matri is a first in the field and I think that should be there as much as possible, gives depth to the team. Having said that one day Juve will buy a striker much stronger, around are some. Maybe the same Llorente. Yet a place in the squad for Matri I would keep. “

Continues to be the only flaw of Juve?
“Let’s say it lacks only the” corrector “, the man who turns 1-0 in those five games of the season in which you worth only the 0-0”.

Conte has built a midfield among the strongest of the Champions League.
“Each of us has remained on something of the old life, Antonio was a midfielder and you can tell of the department he privileges. I mean, Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio are formidable both for their individual value, and because everything in them, team helps cover from the required for support to the strikers that comes from the full-backs. If still I would train, I guess that from old striker I would try to help the striker. Would be in my nature. “

Just, giving to Marchisio the palm of the best?
“Yes, I see him as the authentic Juventus DNA: a sober personality, outstanding effectiveness in the field, the ability to never go wrong in those instances that count.”

Where places the result in Glasgow in the hierarchy of the season?
“Immediately after Juve-Chelsea. 3-0 to the defending champions gave the team a technical awareness, the 3-0 home of Celtic is a strong mental response. In a context of maintained humility – I know that Conte is also a hammer in this – now Juve knows his value and seems to say to rivals “show me you can beat me.” Psychologically it is an advantage on almost everyone. “

What other evidence will have to overcome to win the Champions League?
“There are of two types: the team with superior technical values​​, and do not say who it is because it must still qualify …”.

Conclude with some friendly advice to his old comrade.
“Antonio, give confidence to Matri even if he misses a couple of games. Trust me, the attackers I know them …”.