Juan Manuel Vargas. The captain of Peru, fresh winner of bronze in the Copa America is in these days one of the hottest names in the key transfer market. And it is because he best represents the prototype of the outer left-winger missing for Juve.
Mr. Conte does not hide his deep appreciation for the player who would give to Juve a further leap of quality. The player will arrived in Italy and soon will talk with Pantaleo Corvino, D.S Fiorentina, for clarification on his future.

And is well-known the fact that the viola, if they want to “make the market”, will give the Peruvian and / or Gilardino. The club asks lily 15 million for Vargas.
Juve, however, does not seem willing to spend the same amount allocated for the purchase of Vucinic, a striker, for one, albeit talented, winger.
But there are at least two other reasons that could quickly push Vargas in black and white. One is the will of the player, who, beyond the statements of the facade, would run to Turin, having undoubtedly more career opportunities than in the viola shirt. The other is the fact that Juve can put on the plate of compensatory techniques, which, in this moment of flat market for the viola, would be very welcomed for Fiorentina.
Of course we must think about the names: the Viola would want Quagliarella, but Marotta has already said no, while Juventus offer such as Amauri, however name as pleasing to Corvino, but too expensive wages for funds from the assignment of Tuscany.
This week, however, seems decisive for this negotiation. By now the beginning of the season is near and Conte awaits his left winger with open arms …
by: Marco Tesserin
adapted by: Mike Prise